Zoe's ALLmond™ Bites were born when I was searching for healthy snacks for my children after school and after play or just anytime. I love cooking and began experimenting in my kitchen where I finally hit on the perfect bite-sized tasty energy treat! At Zoe's we LOVE almonds and so does everyone else, so I focused on those first, then began adding my favorite flavors, like coconut, apples, cinnamon, blueberries, coffee and chocolate. Out of all that love and baking came these tasty, chewy, perfectly sized little bites bursting with flavor and energy! C'mon, bite one, you will LOVE it! Hand-crafted in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently we are shipping only within Georgia, but stay tuned and we will let you know when we can ship anywhere! Tell us your favorite flavors. We are always testing new flavors and would love to hear from you. If there is a flavor you would love to try, let us know, maybe we can make it work!